Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

The correct judgment of the horoscope needs a deep understanding of planetary relationships. I believe that the application of the fundamental rules of Astrology must be based on practical observation. Whatever has been said by our sages in the classics appears to be correct for different positions of planets for different Lagna. Some astrologers have said that Jupiter in the 5th gives mostly daughters while others have said this position gives more sons and some say that there will be no son at all. This is correct if properly applied and tested, eg Jupiter in watery signs gives mostly daughters, in fiery signs, male births and very bad results for Capricorn Ascendant.

The Moon and Mars are supposed to be friends but Mars is debilitated in the Moon’s sign Cancer while the Moon is debilitated in Mars’ sign Scorpio. Jupiter and Mars are very good friends but Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn where Mars is exalted. Mars is debilitated in Cancer where Jupiter is exalted. Mars and Saturn are inimical but Mars is exalted in Saturn sign Capricorn whereas Saturn gets debilitated in Mars’ sign Aries. Suppose the Moon is exalted in the 7th house, what results should be expected? The Moon is inimical to Venus – will it give inimical results in Taurus due to ownership of Venus or will it give the results of exaltation as Moon is exalted there? We find that mostly the Moon in Taurus in the 7th house, though the 9th lord (Bhaagyaadhipati), gives inimical results.

In the 4th house the exalted Moon shows tensions with mother. Jupiter is inimical to Venus but Venus is exalted in the sign of Jupiter, Pisces. Such planetary relationships and behavior are beyond my comprehension. I can only say that both are quite different aspects and should not be mixed up.

In my opinion it is always safer not to consider the exaltation or debilitation of planets at all. Here, we are only concerned with the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is debilitated in Saturn’s sign Capricorn and does not give auspicious results here. On the other hand Jupiter’s placement in Aquarius, the other sign of Saturn, is very baneful while it has been described as very good in Saravali.

In early 1987, a person dealing in drugs came to me. He was born in Libra Ascendant (Chart 1) with Saturn in Lagna and Jupiter and Saturn in opposition to each other. I had found that whenever Jupiter and Saturn are opposite each other, they exchange their characteristics. On the basis of this experience I told the native that his wife should have very ordinary complexion and she must have some kind of pain in the body, like rheumatic pain or arthritis. I also told the native, Jupiter’s placement has given him a handsome physique, delightful manners, kindheartedness, sincerity, influential behavior, generosity etc. Thus Jupiter’s influence as described for his position in Lagna could be noticed in the native.

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