Peculiarity about people with Rahu Ascendant

People with Rahu ascendant have a certain mysteriousness or unpredictability around then and like shadowy Rahu, it is very hard to understand these kind of people. They carry a cloud of ambiguity and mystery around them. This can either affect people positively or negatively. These kid of people are mainly vata in their physical and mental traits with a mixture of Saturn and Venus traits that can afford them a certain unusual or dark beauty. They are generally thin in build and quick in movement with sensitive nervous and digestive systems. Their immune systems may be weak and they are more susceptible to contagious disease than other types, as well as to degenerative and nervous system disorders. they often suffer from insomnia and difficult dreams.

On a psychic or spiritual level, Rahu types are often possessed by something , whether it is another entity, curses, unfulfilled longings from past lives or simply driven by their own imagination. While they incline towards psychic, occult and astral pursuits, tehse can be dangerous for them as they have a lot of vulnerability to subtle energies. They may become mediums, do channeling or practice Tantra but are easily caught in illusions about what they do. They often have good healing pwers and a great deal of empathy and can be very devoted. While interested in astrology, they usually do better at an intuitive level as they are seldom good at calculation.

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