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Saturn in Gandanta –

The Gandanta (‘End-of-the-Cheek’) portions of the nakshatras form another class of sandhi which Jyotish finds inauspicious. These portions are the last 3 degree and 2o’ of Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati and the first 3 degrees and 20′ of Ashvini, Magha and Mula. Ganda means ‘cheek’ and/ or ‘the whole side of the face including the temple’, which makes the Gandanta segments the ‘junctures’ of the celestial faces that look down upon us. Gandanta is particularly inopportune because it is a double sandhi, a juncture of two rashis as well as two nakshatras. Grahas located at these points are very weak, and indicate major problems in the native’s life unless the grahas involved are strengthened by appropriate remedies. Jupiter in Gandanta point especially between jyeshtha and mola nakshatra – chart of psychics, tarot reader, paranormal and astral planes
gandanta point in Pisces – Going into spiritual transpormation especiaillt during the Mahadasha of planet that is situated in the gandanta point – There is an issue here that you need to untangle it – it untangles your karma – so that all the dirts can flow – heavy transformation that people go through – certain spritual people In Asleshsa point – person can experience all material things, all achievements- so person not able to enjoy all material comforts- so feel tangled and then transformation can occur – planets transiting the nakshatra point – can bring about the transformation
The Pisces/Revati and Aries/ Ashwini Gandanta shows the ending of one cycle of soul growth and beginning of it’s next stage. This is the level that the inner self begins it’s journey of life. Each journey implies within it an ending of a cycle. If the Moon is in the Pisces portion of the Gandanta, it relates to ending experiences, where the soul has reached it’s full maturity at the present level of soul growth and it’s ready to move onto another cycle of life where a different set of issues will confront him. In the Aries/ Ashwini portion of Gandanta, here the soul is connected to the past life but knows it is at the threshold of another. This creates confusion and powerful influences which are at times difficult to understand. Is this an old experience you are living through or there are fresh encounters to undertake. Moon’s position in this juncture reveals a past life connection which is strong.
The Cancer/ Ashlesha and Leo/ Magha Gandanta is where the soul endings it’s search and now finally moves towards it’s full involvement into material life. The Cancer/ Ashlesha stage is where the search in the experience of life is complete. Psychological changes happen. The ruling deity of Ashlesha is Naga – the wise serpents. At this stage there is the shedding of the skin to grow another one. This experience which changes the mind and the psyche can be extremely painful but it is necessary for the soul to grow into another dimension. At the Magha/ Leo stage, the soul is finally getting ready to experience life at a material level. This is a junction point, therefore the intellectual changes which it has already experienced at the Cancer/ Ashlesha level are still very strong. There is again the connection to the past life here. Scorpio/Jyeshta and Sagittarius Mula Gandanta is the most difficult one as it moves the inner soul towards it’s final direction towards merging with the universal consciousness. This is the stage where the material ties are being shattered and the soul realises it’s true spiritual direction. This is where the maximum churning of the inner emotions take place. Even when the soul recognises it’s path towards it true nature, it fights against it. This is never an easy task. It creates many psychological or physical blocks that need to be tackled with great maturity. At the Scorpio/ Jyeshtha stage, the is immense churning of the inner emotions, this is where material sheaths break up and it leads to an inner change. if there is a resistance to a change then it makes it very difficult for the person. On a material level this can be unfortunates whereas on a spiritual level it leads towards activating your Kundalini or latent power. At the Mula/ Sagittarius stage, the soul recognises it has to change and in many ways it already has. But it still remains ties to it’s past life and it’s earthly needs which Moola which means the root suggests. This roots is buried in the ground or in deep material realms and it need to break the outer crust of earth to reach towards it’s higher potential.